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For companies

Whether you're a fast-growth startup, scaleup SaaS company, in-house legal team or anything in between, we provide Big Law quality legal support at competitive rates. Some examples of how we work with our clients:

Fractional Commercial and Go-To-Market Legal Counsel

Many of our clients come to us because they experience unnecessary legal friction that slows down their customer acquisition. You see this when:

  • Sub-optimal legal templates not suited for your sales cycle
  • Drawn out and excruciating legal negotiations
  • Taking on excess and unnecessary legal risk

We help our clients construct and execute the optimal legal framework upon which you can confidently scale your Go To Market (GTM) function. We apply the 80/20 rule and help you navigate sharply through legal negotiations, focusing on protecting against material risks and not getting bogged down in immaterial details.

Fractional Privacy and Product Counsel

The data privacy landscape is becoming increasingly complex as governments and public opinion favor more stringent regulation. Many of our clients come to us because they need to square away data privacy compliance in order to grow their business. This includes:

  • Proactively staying ahead of regulatory requirements
  • Updating your policies and legal documentation to be compliant and market-standard
  • Fielding data privacy documentation requests from customers and investors
  • Designing products and services to mitigate privacy risk
  • Developing a compelling privacy narrative for your business

We help you address these privacy needs and can help design a business-friendly data privacy strategy.

Legal Advisor for Data Intelligence Companies

Data intelligence companies process large volumes of data. As a result, they encounter unique privacy, product, commercial, and operational issues requiring knowledgeable counsel who can synthesize these areas of expertise. However, at most law firms these are split practice areas and covered by multiple attorneys. In contrast, our full-stack advising help our data intelligence clients implement privacy compliance and risk mitigation, while achieving revenue and growth objectives.

Legal Compliance and Operations Advisor

As the volume of commercial transactions grows, legal operational discipline becomes increasingly important in order to maintain scalability and compliance. This can happen at a later stage for some companies, while for others (such as product-led companies), this will happen at a very early stage. In addition to providing legal counsel, we advise many of our clients on operational best practices early on to avoid common pitfalls.

Commercial Advisor for Web3/AI Companies

Web3 & Artificial Intelligence are emerging technologies and areas of law. With early experience in this space, we advise AI and Web3 companies in navigating commercial, privacy, and IP aspects of strategic partnerships, marketplace launches, product drops, content licensing, and other key commercial transactions.

For Law Firms

We partner with small and midsize law firms to provide a more comprehensive service to clients in different legal subject matter areas. Some examples of how we work with our law firm partners:

Technology and IP Transactions Subject Matter Expert

We bring years of experience in Big Law advising in venture capital, private equity, and strategic acquisition transactions on technology and IP transaction matters. We may also help clients of our law firm partners with complex technology agreements and projects requiring specialized knowledge.

Data Privacy Subject Matter Expert

We provide data privacy expertise in venture capital, privacy equity, and strategic transactions, including in due diligence documentation and review of reps and warranties. We may also help clients of our law firm partners with data privacy projects requiring specialized knowledge.

Web3/AI Commercial Subject Matter Expert

We help clients of our law firm partners with questions and projects for complex commercial transactions in the AI and Web3 domains.